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  Begging Y'er Pardon
I must account for my recent absence...first on the academic front. Just over a week ago, I attended the Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference in Chicago, IL. My work "Alex Cox's Three Businessmen: Transnational Anxieties in the Postmodern City," was well-received and marginally well-attended. Though the audience was unfamiliar with the film, I'm confident that at least a few more people are interested in Cox's work and its unique relationship to the contemporary city. Soon after the conference, I accepted a TA position and graduate admission at North Carolina State University. Raleigh, NC will be my home for the next two years as I assist with film studies classes, crank up my research, and generally prepare for further teaching and research.

Many projects of mine (or to which I am peripherally associated) are quickly taking shape. The newest issue of GameCulture Journal will be launched soon. Episode 3 of John Kenneth Muir's The House Between went live on Friday. Also, I'd like to somewhat officially announce a new, as-yet untitled literary e-journal that is in the works. Though I've no specific details to spill right now, I would like to point your attention to two links I've added to the blog from two persons who will be lending their talents to that endeavor. One is for Adam Miller's theory blog, where he is currently outlining a working process of "readership." Ever wondered why reading can be such an intense, personal, meaningful, and broadly interpretive thing? Read and thou shall be enlightened. Next up is K. Reed Petty's fiction blog. Her writing will soon be appearing two prestigious literary journals and is definitely worth checking out.

More soon, including some exposes on recent films and exhibitions.
Kevin -

Congratulations! ... Will you be moving to NC before the start of Season Two?
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