(Visual) Notes on Culture
  David Hockney - Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Percy
David Hockney - Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Percy, 1971

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"2 AM is no time to be alone in the subway/And you're about to find out why."

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Drury Lane in the 19th century.

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  MOH: Mick Garris

A trading card of film director Mick Garris, from the Anchor Bay/Starz line of Masters of Horror DVDS.

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From Sweden, with love. Previously unknown recordings from the great Sabu Martinez, who, like so many great American musicians, was only fully appreciated in Europe. Next item of interest: AFRO TEMPLE.

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Via Ropeadope, your source for soulful, funky music. It is cold and wintry in North Carolina right now, but hearts are warm knowing that G.W.B. is doing the walk of shame. Cheers, President!!

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French poster of Jacques Tati's 1971 film Trafic, his modest follow-up to the financially ruinous but majestic Playtime (1967). Incidentally, this poster is timely for anyone trying to attend President Obama's inauguration.

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  San Carlo Alle Quattro Fontane, for tourists
A travel brochure, probably 40+ years old. Bilingual (English and Italian) descriptions of Francesco Borromini's San Carlo Alle Quattro Fontane (commissioned mid 1630s), the poster-child of "Mannerist" (that is, "mannered," i.e., slightly bizarre) architecture.

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  Format Change and More
Since my recent blogging habits have been directed to Virtual Fools and the group blog at The Modest Proposal, this blog has seemed like a bit of dead weight.

However, inspired by the wonder service of "If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger, There'd be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats," I've decided to turn my notes on culture into notes on "visual" culture, namely impressive images that I come across. Most will be attached to artists or works of art, some will be obsolete advertising images, others will be just plain bizarre. In my work as a film scholar, I naturally come across far too many images--in fact, anybody who walks down a street in a major city does as well, for that matter--so I figured I would "pay" a bit of it forward, so to speak.

I will also occasionally use this to "announce" personal news. I've recently had two book reviews published, one on Kim Paffenroth's book Gospel of the Living Dead (his personal blog for his zombie fiction and aggregate reviews is here) at the Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies. My review is here. The other was of Ronald Bergen's edited collection Francois Truffaut: Interviews, which I did for Film and History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Film and the Humanities. The review is available in print and through library access if your research institution has purchased access (via Project Muse and others). My 7000 or so word "Filmography" for the three volume encyclopedia American Countercultures (ed. Gina Misiroglu) has been published by M.E. Sharpe. I provided synopses and access info for hundreds of films relating to all facets of the counterculture. If you have nearly $300 to spare, I can't think of a better way to spend it than to purchase the set.

Speaking of Film & History, I'll be presenting on Richard Lester's film The Knack (1965) and the revival of British aesthetic modes at 2009's Popular Culture Association conference in New Orleans (in, appropriately, the film and history "section"). That conference ought to provide some great images for this new blog direction.

More to come. For now, enjoy the visual world.
Personal news and "found" images.

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